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THIS EARTH IS GOING TO FACE A DANGEROUS SITUATION . EI PRITHIBI ONEK BORO EKTA DHAKKA KHETE JASSE........... Amra hoito abar dark age e chole jete pari (jodo kew beche thaki)

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ASSALAMU ALAYKUM WA RAHMATULLAHI WA BARAKATUHU( Peace and mercy of Allah be to you all )
Sunni perspective of Maseeh Ad-Dajjal (Anti-christ), And the predicted coming of PlanetX in the year 2012, 

Al-Mahdi has yet to appear an and the Muslims are awaiting his appearance.
The Prophet(SAW) said: “The world will not come to an end until a man from my family (decendant) will appear among the people and rule with justice.” Fortunately the Prophet(SAW) provided us with various signs of the coming of the Mahdi to inform us about his approach. These signs will be event that will occur of Earth. One of the signs of the coming of the Mahdi is the coming of a Star(COMET) with a luminous tail near Earth lighting up the sky and causing sinking of coastal areas. The Prophet (SAW) said: “On the 15th of Ramadan, Friday night there will be a voice(blast) that will awaken the asleep, that will alarm the awake, the noble ladies will come out of their seclusion. That day there will be too many earthquakes.” Therefore, there will be three major landslides like never seen before. One in the East, one in the West and one in the Arabian Paninsula. The Earth will shallow everything above it and as a result, many people will die. When this destruction events  takes place, it looks like without a doubt that technologies, skyscrapers ect… will all be destroyed. I mean all the human developments will cease to exist. And guess what…… 

Believe it or not we will go back to the dark ages. The Prophet(SAW) said: “After me there will be a landslide in the Penisula of Arabia.” On hearing this Umme Salmah said, “Oh Messenger of Allah will the Earth swallow what’s above it… …through ther are some pious people above it.” The Prophet(SAW) replied, “When its inhabitants exceed doing bad and evil.” Could this events fortold by prophet Muhammad(SAW) be the planet X people are talking about today discovered by scientists predicted to occure on 2012. Continue reading and you will be shocked
Allah says, “So thou wait for the day when the heaven shall bring a smoke manifest surrounding the people this is a painful Chstisement.” Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said: “The final hour will not come until you see a smoke that will rise and cover the whole world. The will effect both the believers and non-believers alike remaining for a period of 40 days and night. Al-Mahdi will appear before the Dajjal and the Dajjal will appear in the later parts of Imaam Mahdi’s reign.
Prophet(SAW) said, “Dajjal will stay on Earth for 40 days, a day like a year, a day like a month and a day like a week, and rest of 37 days will be like our days. Now what that means is according to the QURAN (Surra 22 Hajj, Verse 47) says: “And verify, a day with your lord is a thousand years of your reckon.”
So now, 1 day on the sight of Allah is a 1000 years of ours so here is the calculation,
A day in our lord is as a thousand years of yours (sura Al-Hajj, verse 47)
1 day=1000/1=1000 years
1 day=1000/12mon=83.33 years
1 day+1000/52weeks=19.23years
According to this calculation it was predicted that Dajjal began his secret and deceptive organization carried by his followers (Jews) in Britain back around 900s to 1900 which was a span of a 1000 years,
Thus, Dajjal has completed his first day like a year. Dajjal then shifted his power to the United States on 1917 continuing his organization through the United States   until 2000 which was a span of 83.33 years , the year George Bush came into office. After a year during his presidency, the tragedy of 9/11 occurred. Thus, Dajjal has completed his 2nd day like a month period and has shifted his organization  and power to where, Israel.  Dajjal has now entered to his third day like a week period from 9/11/2001 and will last according to the calculation 19.23 years on which his third day like a week will end around 2020. It will be  around 2020 where Dajjal will actual come to Earth physically for the rest of his remaining 37 days to be like our normal days where human will actually see him as a human being and he will start to rule the world with his deceptive mission  accompanied by 70,000 Jews.
Some Hadith says that Al-mahdi will rule for 7 years other  Hadith says that  he will rule for 9 years. Although it was agreed by Muslim scholars that Mahdi will rule from 7-9 years and then will oass away afterwards. The Prophet(SAW) said: “Between the Great War and the conquest of the city Constantinople (Istanbul) there will be six years, and the Dajjal shall appear in the seventh year.  This tells us Dajjal will appear during the 7thth year of the Mahdi’s rule. So, If Dajjal is going to appear on earth around 2020 then Mahdi’s appearance should be  2020-7=2013. year of the Mahdi’s reign. In other words Dajjal will come out  after the 7
One of the signs of the coming of the Mahdi  is the coming of a COMET (Star) with a huminous tail that will rise from the east.  Lets ask ourselves, Could this COMET foretold by Prophet Muhammad(SAW) during his lifespan about 1,376 years ago be the same as Planet X that was discovered just recently???
Could the blast that will awake the asleep and alert the awake be the noise of planet X ???
Could the major landslides on coastal areas foretold by the Prophet(saw) that will result in the death of many people be effect of planet x ???
Could the SMOKE that will arise and cover the cover the whole World foretold in the QURAN and by the Prophet(SAW) be the effect of Planet X ???
Could the FIRE that will arise from Yemen and gather the people to their appointed place foretold by the Prophet (SAW) be the effect of Planet X ???
Could all the disastrous events that will result in the death many people all over the world foretold  by Prophet Muhammad(SAW) be the consequence of  planet X that was recently discovered and predicted to occur on 2012 ???
It was said that when planet X arrives on 2012 it’s effect will cause earthquakes, landslides, tsunami, tornado’s, hurricane all the volcano’s all over the world will erupt etc… as a result 2/3 of the World’s population  will perish.
DO RESEARCH ABOUT PLANET X and underground bases and tunnel
The U.S government secret  society build about 120 underground bases all over the United States….
Find out why  but I’m thinking you already guessed it.
Don’t wait to act its too late you have change now.
You don’t have to believe me, but you can do your own research  on Planet X and pass this on to your friends and all the people you know to make them aware, Thanks.

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